The paintings and installations from Bart Jansen are mostly about the race for technological progress in combination with the human error that surrounds this progress.

His work highlights situations that show the skewed balance between what we want and what we actually get, when we try to achieve that goal.

When Bart creates installations they are mostly inventions, new machines, devices that fulfill meaningless functions. One condition goes: they must work. Like any other invention they’re about the automation of processes in order to ease the living of mankind. His devices do exactly that, they automate a certain function. The difference with real life is that the need for those specific functions is questionable.

His paintings mostly point to old masters like Velazques, Manet, Ingres. I add one or multiple objects like machinery and modern inventions to the classical images, honoring the original composition. In these works I introduce modern society within our cultural heritage, which results in new images and stories.

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