Invader (b. France, 1969), also known as Space Invader, is an Urban artist originally based in Paris. He affixes mosaic images of characters from the 1970s video game “Space Invaders” in cities around the world. Once a work is completed, Invader registers it as an ‘invasion’ and creates associated maps and reference books to indicate the location of each invasion. Invader started these urban outdoor installations in Paris in 1998, after which he invaded 31 other cities in France, followed by a further 22 cities across Europe. His work can now be found worldwide with over 4000 invasions. His work can be found everywhere, such as in the International Space Station ISS, on the Hollywood letters, the Eiffel Tower and even in the sea near Cancun, Mexico.

The mosaics are made of weather-resistant tiles, which represent the pixels used for graphics in early video and computer games. The installation process typically takes a minimum of a week, including scouting, recording, and location mapping. In addition to mosaics on the street, Invader creates similar pixel works using Rubik’s Cubes. Since 2000, Invader’s work has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide. The artist gained even greater popularity and renown after he was featured in the 2010 documentary film about Street Art, ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’.

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