K-Guy is a visual artist who lives and works in the epicentre of the street art scene, London.

The artist is best known for his sharp analyses and off-the-mark responses to what goes on around him, politicians, religious leaders, fast food outlets and entire economic systems have all been examined in K-Guy’s work.

For his controversial and quirky works in streets of London, K-Guy received worldwide media attention several time, for example with his installation ‘In Loving Memory to the Boom Economy, which was created in front of The Bank of England, depicting the burial of the flourishing economy and another example is his mural ‘Primate Pontificate’ as a reaction of the Pope’s visit to London.

Renowned works from the artist include his collaboration with the Prodigy on a limited edition print which sold out instantly and his iconic best sellers ‘Coke Moss’, ‘Naomi Campbell’s, ‘Pepsi Cara and LINDA EVANGELISTa’.