1. Minimum price art work € 500.-.
  2. Maximum price art work € 25,000.-.
  3. Minimal payment € 100.- per month.
  4. Maximal payment plan period 36 months.
  5. The customer could request St. Art Gallery a tailor made payment plan.
  6. The 1st payment will be increased with shipping costs if applicable.
  7. The monthly payment has to be received before the 5th of each month at the latest.
  8. The art work is under custody of St. Art Gallery until the full purchase price has been received. The art work will be shipped within 10 working days after the last payment has been received. If shipment is not possible within 10 working days, St. Art Gallery will inform customer the soonest.
  9. If the monthly payment duty have not been full filled within a period of 30 days, St. Art Gallery have the rights to invoice the additional costs and all other losses. These additional costs and all other losses will be reduced of the former paid and received payment(s).
  10. The general terms & conditions of St. Art Gallery are applicable on all payment plans.

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