Ego Leonard is an anonymous guerilla artist and painter whose astute and playful works predominantly feature oversize Lego figures engaged in various scenarios, commenting modern society and/or current and future events.

He shot to prominence after a sculptural version of his characters began to appear on sea fronts and beaches around the globe and media starting to ask questions like ‘did he fell of a ship’ and ‘is it a stunt from Lego’.

Also the message ‘No Real Than You Are’ in capital letters on the torso of the 2.5 metres high Legoman, is raising questions.

In 2011, the appearance of the giant Lego figure on Siesta Beach, Florida, became number 2 on the list ‘Top 10 Oddball-News Stories’ from Time Magazine.

The art works from Ego Leonard are exhibited in galleries and tat art fairs worldwide.