Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada | Fragment – Confession


Artist: Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada
Title: Fragment - Confession
Type: original
Medium: acrylic wash and charcoal on at least 150 years old wall paint surface
Dimensions: 48 x 60 cm (23.6″ x 18.9″)
Edition: unique
Comments: dated and signed by the artist

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The art works from Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada from the Fragments series are created on very old, multilayered wall paint surfaces. The artist has perfected a process that allows him to remove old interior wall paint surfaces from abandoned buildings to use as his canvases. Each unique, textured surface used in this body of work is at least 150 years old. All pieces are framed under matte glass and painted with acrylic wash and charcoal.

The significance of this work lies within the importance given to the weathered and worn urban surfaces for their intrinsic value. While most walls surfaces touched by a restoration technique have some kind of tangible historic importance (frescos or murals), in Fragments, Jorge gives importance to these commonplace textures for the intangible memory that they possess and the passage of time that they portray.