Steven Midgley

United Kingdom
My experience of purchasing from this store was dreadful. I placed my order and paid in full for the print I had spent days looking for. I received confirmation of my order and a note that it was being packed for shipping. Three days later I receive an email to say that actually the limited edition print had been sold and their records were not up to date. There was an apology and an offer to sell me something else by the same artist. I challenged whether I was being told the truth and asked for proof of the sale, to which I received an elusive response which failed to provide proof or address my concerns. Life is too short to deal with people like this. Reply St. Art Gallery: Unfortunately the inventory on our website proved to be inaccurate. We've explained to the client that the print has been released in 2013 and that in the meantime it might have been sold at one of the multiple art fairs which we've attended or in our gallery, and that most likely someone has forgotten to update the stock manually on our website. Further our website has been renewed twice since 2013 so that also might have caused this issue. Obviously we never provide any proof from a previous sale to a thirth party because this party questions our statement. Actually the GDPR doesn't allow us to do so even if we wanted to. We offered the client a full refund or a more expensive (and more or less similar) print for the same price of his original purchase, but the client declined so we've refunded the full amount directly. This is our first negative review since we've been in business. We've tried to solve this issue and we regret that the client could not imagine that a mistake can be made. This experience has been instructive and has made us decide to do a stock inventory.

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